One fine day while walking out of a huge gate, I looked back and just then I realized that Time flies. Perhaps that was my last day in the college. Someone has rightly said life is tough. Everyone trying to capture last memories of those days, left that Gate with nothing much but a huge pile of memories. Four fine years finally come to an end. With my erratic heart rate, watery eyes and the continuous thoughts racing my mind a cold fear sprained through me “Will everything remain the same after I step out of this Gate!” And my heart started pounding faster, my thoughts couldn’t stop for a micro. I always knew this day is coming but never expected too fast or maybe it’s just that I never wanted one.
Everything in this universe has an end. Probably it was the time for this one, we never have a choice.
Recalling the glimpse of the day from my fading memories when the crying toddler was sent to kindergarten for the first time and other being in this moment when my heart cried not to leave that place, I realized that the moment I put my foot out of this Gate, there is a huge sack of responsibilities awaiting to fall over me.
Just unable to understand the condition of my heart whether I was happy for becoming a graduate or there was a fright of losing the life that meant a lot to me.
And then, alas!! Am I gonna met these people again, my curious heart constantly started questioning me. It had loads of questions which I never wanted to ask myself. “Will I meet these people again?”, “And if I did, will that be frequent or once in a blue moon!”, “Will the build bridges between us be the same or will they be cut loose!”, “Are we going to forget each other in a few years?”, ” Will each one of us become busy in their own lives and will eventually have no time for each other?”
I knew the answer to most of them but hesitated to accept those. And with a heavy heart I crossed the gate. My future was awaiting to play with me now.

We are all fighters and will fight till the end. But wait, the battles will be in the different battlefields now. But then every cloud has a silver lining.

Now that some of my thoughts have started to get real and where we meet is just a vibration, I am afraid the day isn’t far when this everyday vibration will turn into monthly and then yearly. But the memories with them will be cherished and those were the memories which will never fade away.